Massage increases the circulation of blood, promotes lymphatic drainage, and helps to reduce metabolic waste in muscle tissue. This therapy has a calming effect on the nervous system, returning the body to a state of well being.


Swedish Massage

Classic european massage techniques involving long strokes and kneading to promote relaxation.

This one is highly recommended for the first time.

90 Minutes $105.00
60 Minutes $75.00
30 Minutes $40.00


Deep Tissue Massage

A therapeutic technique of body work that releases chronic pain.

Firm pressure across the targeted muscles allows for tension to dissipate.

This is an excellent massage for athletes and those needing relief from muscle strain.

90 Minutes $110.00
60 Minutes $80.00
30 Minutes $45.00

Hot Stone Massage

This therapy is done with heated stones and warm essential oils.

As the heat of the stones begins to release tension and nervous fatigue,

you will experience a more balanced flow of energy.

90 Minutes  $115.00
60 Minutes $85.00
30 Minutes $50.00

Prenatal Massage

Our highly trained therapists know how to comfort and relieve your stress due to pregnancy.

While your baby is counting on you… you can count on Spa Bella.

90 Minutes $105.00

60 Minutes $75.00

30 Minutes $40.00


Extra Massage Time

Extra 15-minutes of massage time +$15

Cold Stone Face Massage

Performed with cold stones. 

The well being, beauty and pain relief benefits are nothing short of remarkable!

-Sinus tension relief -Good for TMJ -Tired eyes -Headaches -Tension around the eyes and mouth

-Calms and quiets the overactive mind -Skin irritation -Fatigue -Stress

30 minute service +$30